Success Stories

"I met Dr Dinary about 4 yrs ago, I had Diabetes at that time for about 35 yrs! My kidneys were starting to fail, so, my primary Dr referred me to Dr Dinary! She asked me if I wanted to look into Dialysis or a kidney transplant! I asked her did I have any other option! She said I could try and eat very healthy! So, I said ok, I could do that! Than she told me about intermittent fasting! I said ok, I can do that! I prefer most healthy food and never was a big sweet eater anyway!"

"So, I eat breakfast around 9:30 am, lunch at 3pm, and supper at 7pm! nothing later, except water, I prefer lemon water! Anyway, before to long I started having normal morning sugars! It was slow at first, but than I started losing weigh! It was like a miracle! Nothing had worked before, I took pills in the morning and evening, plus insulin! And my success started to come last year! I am off insulin now (after about 30 yrs) only on one pill in morning! And 13 months later still am successful! My kidney function had gone down to 13! Today its going up, now 23!"

"This whole time has seem like a miracle! And I owe so much thanks to Dr Dinary! Dieticians never gave me the right advice! I always tried hard to eat right, but now I really understand it! Dr Dinary is a wonderful Dr and person! Follow her advice and you will be successful!I wish you all just listen and follow the plan!" -
Martha Speer

I live in South Carolina so I have consulted Dr. Dinary by phone. I was interested in her experience with CKD and intermittent fasting. My own nephrologists had never heard of it and after I showed them her papers, were skeptical. My creatinine reached a high of 3.1 with a GFR dropping to 17. I am 69, obese, mild hypertension. I was told what is currently believed, that there is no cure for CDK, that all I could do was slow the progression of my disease, and to prepare for dialysis.

Dr. Dinary of course had me continue with my regular physicians in Charleston and advised me over the phone. She was compassionate and caring and explained things to me in ways I could understand. How kidneys can heal themselves, the important of diet and exercise and exactly how to safely do intermittent fasting. I waited a year to write this review as I don’t want to give anyone false hope. I am also a physician and know that creatinines do fluctuate.

My GFR has improved from 17 to my most recent test of 35. I have been doing intermittent fasting and once the 5 day prolon fast. My GFR has improved to the point my doctors felt they could start farxiga. I finally went to Duke where they also had heard of Dr. Dinary and her research so I am now followed by Duke. Dr. Dinary is an outstanding physician and I credit her with much of my improvement not just because of her research, but the way she explains things, her communication skills, her compassion and encyclopedic knowledge of kidney disease. - Melvin Morse